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Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Pregnancy yoga classes (also known as prenatal or antenatal yoga classes) are a perfect way to include safe, gentle exercise in your weekly routine, as pregnancy yoga helps to promote relaxation throughout your pregnancy and birth preparation.

If you live near Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chesham, Great Missenden, Chalfonts or Chorleywood our classes are in Little Chalfont on Wednesday evenings at 8.15 p.m. for those in early or mid stage pregnancy and at 7.00 p.m. for those further along.

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Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

classes location map, St. Georges Hall, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire.

There’s a lot of information available about the benefits of yoga for pregnancy.
Here are some benefits of these pregnancy yoga classes, in the mums’ own words.

I love the whole experience. I love that we have a chat about how we are doing at the beginning and have the opportunity to share information, that you give us very useful, supportive information and guidance in a balanced and caring way – you give us so much more than just a yoga class. Hilary McGeough, Amersham

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A perfect 90 minutes of baby bonding, relaxation, light exercise and vital education. Angela Jessop, Holmer Green

I can honestly say that with my first baby these classes changed my whole attitude towards giving birth and how I wanted the birth to be – relaxed, calm, active and natural. The birth was an amazing experience and when I fell pregnant again, I knew that these classes would help me again. Zoe Allsop, Hyde Heath

The classes are very informative and the breathing and relaxation exercises practiced during the class proved invaluable in labour. Jo Briggs, Penn Street

Pregnancy Yoga Tips via Twitter

An essential part of the class is providing information, hints and tips for a easier pregnancy, top tips for preparing for birth, and how to have a fit pregnancy. Click 'more' and you'll find several top 5 pregnancy tips for baby bonding, exercise, and preparing for labour.

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Pregnancy tips via Twitter

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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher - Choi van Rest

Photograph of Pregnancy Yoga teacher Choi van Rest.

You need to be comfortable with your Pregnancy Yoga teacher, so I'd like to explain just enough about myself for you to decide if you'd like to come and try a class.

For me, pregnancy yoga is about helping women enjoy their pregnancies and encouraging them towards a calm, positive birth experience. It’s about taking time to relax and bond with your developing baby, learning how to help yourself by breathing correctly and exercising gently – all the time gathering information and being supported so that you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labour.

If you'd like some insight into how the pregnancy yoga classes might make you feel, you can read what the mums-to-be who are already taking classes have to say.

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